My love of field sports and the countryside began early and I was given my first little .177 air rifle and a spinning rod well before the age of 10.  Shooting developed through teenage years and I became a keen wildfowler which was subsequently aided and abetted by joining the Royal Marines ensuring postings to coastal locations.  A lifelong member of WAGBI and then BASC, I also served 10 years duty as treasurer and chairman of Dorset Wildfowlers.  I try and take a handful of small driven days each season.

  Opportune travel has given me the privilege of catching salmon in Norway and sea trout in the Falklands as well as wild brownies and chalk stream sophisticates closer to home.  I learnt to ride both here and in Norway and competed (in-expertly) in both dressage and show-jumping.  I haven't ridden to hounds but have  enjoyed foot days with foxhounds, beagles, bassets and mink hounds and visited the Waterloo Cup back in the 70s.  I've hunted with Harris hawks in Scotland and a Golden Eagle in Wiltshire. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                   My favourite author is BB and his artistic ability to portray the spirit of the countryside is an inspiration.  I can't draw, but photography has given me the opportunity to capture memories of the places we enjoy our sport and the people we enjoy it with.  I hope you enjoy my images and if I can help capture your memories please get in touch.